Winnie has spoken

With body language, of course...and she selected our first book for the newly formed "Winnie's Book Club"! I'm happy to share that we will be reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

If you are interested in joining, simply read the book! And SAVE THE DATE for the club meeting to talk about The Language of Flowers on Thursday, December 14th from Noon to 1:45 pm.


I am excited to introduce Hand Craft Yoga’s November Student Spotlight…Susan H! One of my favorite things about Susan’s practice is that she excels at "seeing the yoga" off the mat, in everyday life. I love the way she can take situations and recognize their potential for learning and growth. And the fact that she is willing to share these revelations out loud makes me so happy. Please read on for her insights:

What is your favorite part of yoga?

My favorite part of yoga is the “mind” part, it helps me get my mind back to the “healthy thoughts” place. The meditative portion of the practice is working best for me at this point in my life, the physical part or poses was but I have learned that the physical is just a part of the whole package… mind, body, spirit!

How long have you been practicing (in general / with Monica)?

I have been practicing yoga for 20-plus years, originally it was just to join friends and stretch for step, spin or other aerobic-type classes but then it turned into so much more! It became my community and a way to live (or try to!) I finally found Monica and her wonderful community about a year ago. Handcraft Yoga just feels right and I am so happy to be here!

What is something yoga has helped you overcome?

Yoga has helped me deal with issues that come up in life, it is a way to turn off the issues for at least an hour during class and then they may be easier to deal with afterthought and meditation.

Do you have any words of advice for a brand-new beginner?

My advice to anyone beginning yoga is to not use the term “can’t” because if you believe you can’t do something you won’t ever do it! The message is to just try, possibly see yourself doing what you want to do in your mind and you may surprise yourself! This advice is from personal experience, I originally said I can’t do Crow, no way! But, after actually looking around in my class I saw all shapes, sizes and ages doing Crow so I stopped using the word can’t in my yoga practice. Eventually one day I accomplished Crow!

What is one fun fact that we may not know about you?

Something that you may not know about me is that I used to own and ride a Softtail Deluxe Harley Davidson Motorcycle!

Thank you for sharing your practice with us, Susan! And for the great photo from the Headless Headstand workshop!

Just a heads-up

We will have our regular 5:30 pm class at Spring Creek Garden Center this week but I will be leaving right after class for an event. This means the Wednesday 7 pm class will be canceled on 11/8.

Let me know that you can join me at Spring Creek this week by clicking the button below:

One last thing

It is time for our annual Food Drive to benefit the Provisions Food Pantry in Bulverde. Throughout November, there will be an open bin in our lobby ready to receive items to be donated. While mostly any dry/packaged goods are welcome, I've included a "most needed" list below:

Thank you, reader, for giving your time, energy, and possibly your canned goods. Have a beautiful week!

With love,


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