Sounds like a cryptic passcode...

But also, the pink lily did bloom! Check it out below:

Last spring, I added the water lily tubers to the pond, one yellow and one red. The yellow one sprouted quickly, growing large lily pads that spread over half the pond. It has bloomed several times, sometimes more than one flower at a time.

Last year, the pink one only grew a few small lily pads. It has quite a few pads this year, and this is its second bloom (first photo shoot!!).

I got curious about the size difference and found that water lilies can be any size between miniature and giant. As you can see, this dwarf water lily is the size of a coin:

The 2nd largest species of water lily, Victoria amazonica(yes, it reminds me of my name, too!), can grow pads up to 10 feet in diameter and flowers up to 16 inches in diameter!

That guy's smile says it all. What an amazing plant! Thanks for your patience with the water lily content.

Something else to ponder...

How about yoga at Spring Creek Garden Center this week? Last Wednesday, we had our first class outside. It was great! There is space on both the lawn and the cement floor for you to unroll your mat on your preferred surface.

Come and join me this Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:25 pm for an all-level yoga class. The wine bar will be open for 30 minutes after class for you to treat yourself to a glass!

Let me know that you're planning to come by clicking the button below:

There are only 4 spots left... hang out on Halloween! It's time to save your spot in the upcoming workshop: The Headless Headstand!

On Tuesday, Oct 31st, from 12:15 to 1:45 pm, we'll use props to enjoy the relief of a neck-free inversion while having a little seasonal fun.

Here is some evidence from last year's workshop. Even Winnie attended! Click the picture below to RSVP.

Have a great week!

With love,


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