The boogie man!

Maybe that's how he's stayin' alive (ah, ah, ah, ah).

Happy Halloween, y'all!

Yoga and Halloween may seem like completely unrelated topics, but they have some surprising similarities. Both practices involve a sense of mindfulness and connection to the present moment.

In yoga, practitioners focus on their breath and body movements, allowing them to be fully present in the here and now. Similarly, during Halloween, people immerse themselves in the festivities and embrace the spirit of the holiday. Whether it's dressing up in costumes or decorating their homes, Halloween encourages individuals to fully engage with the present moment and let go of every day worries.

Another similarity between yoga and Halloween is the emphasis on self-expression. In yoga, practitioners are encouraged to explore their bodies and movements, finding what feels right for them. Similarly, during Halloween, people have the opportunity to express themselves through their costume choices. Whether they want to be scary, funny, or creative, Halloween allows individuals to showcase their unique personalities.

Additionally, both yoga and Halloween promote a sense of community. In yoga classes, practitioners come together to support and encourage each other on their wellness journeys. Similarly, during Halloween, neighborhoods often come alive with trick-or-treaters and festive events, bringing people together in celebration.

While yoga focuses on inner peace and well-being, Halloween is a time for fun and excitement. However, the underlying themes of mindfulness, self-expression, and community can be found in both practices. So, whether you're on your mat or out trick-or-treating, remember to embrace the present moment and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Here's a fun throwback to last year's costume contest... 1st place went to Kathy as Winnie the Poodle, and our runner-up was Lisa as Cat/Cow.

Even though we skipped our class costume contest this year, I thought I'd share some last-minute costume ideas for tonight. Beware, they are pretty sheety:

Weather or not, here we come!

Every Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:25 pm, you can join me at Spring Creek Garden Center for an all-level yoga class.

Don't be scared! We unroll our mats inside the warm Gathering Haus if it is cold or rainy. Of course, if the weather is nice, we can enjoy our class outside on the lawn!

Last, but not least...

It's almost time for our once-a-month Saturday yoga class from 9:30 to 10:30 am. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Right after the yoga class ends, you can stay and enjoy a Sound Bath with Cherie Sisneros!

Essentially, a sound bath is a meditative experience designed to “bathe” listeners in sound waves, using several instruments to create soothing, overlapping vibrations.

It is possible that these vibrations could lead you deeper into a state of contemplation or relaxation, soothing the nervous system. There is only one way to find out!

While this class is located at the Hand Craft Yoga studio, it is a separate class from my membership/passes. The sound bath is normally $20, but Cherie is giving a discount to Hand Craft yoga students! It will be $15 each, and you can pay her when you come to class.

Let me know you're coming to the yoga class by clicking the button below:

Happy Halloween and Namaste from Hand Craft Yoga Studio.

With love,


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