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Winnie has a couple of requests

published3 months ago
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Here is the first...

This little lady is serious about the Food Drive! She doesn't mean to beg, that is just her face. She can't help it!

Don't worry, you have plenty of time left to bring your stash over to our lobby sometime before Nov 30th. We will take it to Provisions Food Pantry in Bulverde on Dec 1st.

We are grateful for any and all items you are able to give, but their most needed items are canned goods, dry rice & beans, peanut butter & jelly, and bathroom products.

Of course, they also take cash donations! Each $1 donated equals $7 in purchasing power through their partner at the San Antonio Food Bank. So if you can't decide what to bring, don't want to haul a bunch of bags, and would rather write a check... feel free to make it out to "Provisions: Bulverde Food Pantry."

Winnie's second request...

It's time for a paws! She needs a couple days off from her busy teaching schedule, so we are taking a few classes off next week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, the Wednesday 11/23 noon class will be the last one before we retreat to spend time with family. Please mark your schedules:

There will not be 5:30 pm class at the garden or 7 pm class at the studio on Wednesday 11/23. And there will be no classes on Thanksgiving Thursday 11/24.

We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday 11/28.

Speaking of Monday, 11/28

That is one of the very special days that I will be offering an extended guided relaxation after the 12pm class! The other offering will be pre-Thanksgiving, on Tuesday 11/22 after the 5:30pm class.

These special extensions will provide 30 minutes of yoga nidra to help you relax and unwind during the Thanksgiving holiday week (Tuesday 11/22) or after the holiday passes (Monday 11/28).

If you take a moment to search "yoga nidra benefits", you will most certainly find a host of reasons to attend one (or both!) of these sessions. For only $5, give yourself the chance to experience the lasting effects of this restorative practice.

To sign up for the Tuesday 11/22 session, click here.
To sign up for the Monday 11/28 session, click here.

A few recipe ideas...

Back when we did the Fall Retreat, I made a creamy butternut squash soup, a warm roasted roots salad, and pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies.

When I have an idea to make something(food, craft, anything), I usually review a few tutorials of those who have gone before me, then take some serious liberties to make it my own. Except for when it comes to baking. I usually follow those recipes exactly as written, because that is science.

So, as requested, I have done my best to recall the process for the first 2 items, and I found the original recipe I used for the cookies. Woohoo!! All of these are located in a blog entry that you can check out by clicking HERE.

Whatever you make this season, I hope you remember to add the #1 key ingredient: LOVE. To add this in abundance, I try to think ridicuously happy thoughts about the people I am cooking for. This can be done while chopping, stirring, whisking, waiting, plating... Enjoy!

With love,